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Code: GIPD

Primary Color: Brown

Petrographic classification: Granite

Location: India

Slabs Size :

  • Blocks, slabs and tile vary in appearance and dimension. As this is natural stone, all pictures are a rough guide.
  • Thickness: 2-3 cm

Technical Specifications

Compression Tensile Strength: 2050 kg/cm2

Tensile Strength After Freeze-Thaw Cycles: 1845 kg/cm2

Unitary Modulus Of Bending Tensile Strength: 102 kg/cm2

Heat Expansion Coefficient: 0.0062 mm/mC

Water Imbibition Coefficient: 0.0066

Recommended Room: 

Residential: Bathrooms, Living Room, Wall, Backsplash, countertops

Commercial: Bathrooms, Living Room, Wall, Backsplash, countertops, Freezing Climate

Traffic: Residential, Commercial, Light Traffic, Medium Traffic, Heavy TrafficMaintenance - protection sToNE cARE

Migmatite: A rock at the frontier between igneous and metamorphic rocks. They can also be known as diatexite. In many cases the darker part of the rock, consisting of biotite mica and hornblende, has been intruded by veins of lighter rock consisting of quartz and feldspar. A rock composed of a metamorphic (altered) host material that is streaked or veined with granite rock; the name means "mixed rock". Such rocks are usually gneissic (banded) and felsic rather than mafic in composition.


All special products are registered at the ENVIRONMENTAL OFFICE in BERLIN as they are subject to the German detergent law.


Our special products are checked on anti slip safety.


Paradiso Classico Granite is a fine-grained, purple migmatite of the Precambrian period with dark grey-purple background sometimes with heavy grey-black veining and a lot of movement. During the polishing process a clear epoxy resin filler may be used to fill any micro fissures or tiny pitting however this does not affect the integrity of the stone, it merely provides an even smoother surface finish. Paradiso Classico granite is suitable for both interior and exterior use futhermore is frost resistant and with a constant polish.

Produced in Italy

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