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Code: GILA

Primary Color: Brown

Petrographic classification: Granite

Origin : Norway

Slabs Size :

  • Blocks, slabs and tile vary in appearance and dimension. As this is natural stone, all pictures are a rough guide.
  • Thickness: 2-3 cm

Recommended Room: 

Residential: Bathrooms, Living Room, Wall, Backsplash, countertops

Commercial: Bathrooms, Living Room, Wall, Backsplash, countertops, Freezing Climate

Traffic: Residential, Commercial, Light Traffic, Medium Traffic, Heavy TrafficMaintenance - protection sToNE cARE


All special products are registered at the ENVIRONMENTAL OFFICE in BERLIN as they are subject to the German detergent law.


Our special products are checked on anti slip safety.


The original Labrador Antique is a registered trade mark, expensive and with a very limited production of two varieties.

The geological name of Labrador Antique is Anortositt and it was formed 920-1000 million years ago. Labrador Antique blocks are offered to the market in two qualities.

Brown ground colour with clear blue/purple crystals. The structure is not absolute conform as other labradors, but more multicolour.

Could be red/brown/black/white/green lines and some small black spots in structure.

This quality may contain larger veins and more black spots. Could also be some more open in struture than 1st choice. The colour and crystals in both qualities are more or less similar to each other.

New quarries which have opened include a "New Labrador Antique" and also a "Blue Antique". When reviewing prices ensure you are comparing like with like since the price could vary considerably depending upon the depth of colour and the material selected.

Produced in Italy


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