Code: LSJG

Primary Color: Brown

Petrographic classification: Limestone

Country of Origin: Eichstatt, Germany

Slabs Size :

  • Blocks, slabs and tile vary in appearance and dimension. As this is natural stone, all pictures are a rough guide.
  • Thickness: 2-3 cm


All special products are registered at the ENVIRONMENTAL OFFICE in BERLIN as they are subject to the German detergent law.


Our special products are checked on anti slip safety.

Jura Grey is quarried from a bedrock quarry in Eichstatt, Germany. It happens to be a very dense limestone, making it suitable for both commercial and residential applications. One of the unique characteristics of this limestone is the existence of large shells and fossils that may appear throughout the tile or slabs. Another quality of this material are the quartz veins that can appear throughout the material. These veins are a natural characteristic of the material and are expected to be visible in some pieces of the product.

This is a sedimentary stone that is formed in shallow seas and is composed mainly of calcite calcium carbonate. There will be noticeable variations in color and movement between pieces, ranging in color from light grey to dark grey and a mix of beige. Therefore, it is important and recommended that a range of this product be viewed before finalizing a purchase. As a natural stone product, it is recommended that it be sealed to extend its longevity.

Produced in Italy

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