We are your partners in creating and designing your luxury villas, country homes, residential homes, castles, manor houses and offices. STONE LUXURY team brings a timeless, comfortable, beautiful, yet functional design to a traditional and modern style decor. A live professional answers the phone every time you call  and stands by your side until your order is completed to your satisfaction. We offer interior detailing and complete interior design planning brought to fruition by dedicated designers, project managers, and support staff.

STONE LUXURY team works with clients to create and individualized Design Plan to capture a client’s personality and offer unique and unexpected design details. The team will work with trades and vendors closely to manage all aspects of the Design Plan. We focus on providing clients with a design that reflects their lifestyle and aesthetic, be it traditional, transitional, modern or an eclectic blend. We combine a mix of classic elements that incorporate art and objects to balance a living space and bring timeless comfort and elegance.

New and advanced technologies have raise the number of ways in which designers can create and apply shapes using LUXURY STONE, thereby increasing productivity of and accessibility to LUXURY STONE based products. We dress up your cocktail table, countertops, reception tables, vanities, suncutcher mirrors, windows, lustres, light fixtures with LUXURY ONYX and AGATE stone. Then We make your stony design with creative ideas and sophisticated lighting systems and transform your villa or apartment into a paradise.

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A deep, personal connection is made when a natural handmade agate stone is used in a design. You can find a lot of luxury vanities, kitchen and bathroom counter tops, work surfaces, floors, walls and whatever else you can dream up. Its distinctive, multicolor circular pattern of warm tones gives it a chic, refined look that is both traditional and modern.


Wanna have a bathroom in modern style? We will give you the best bathroom sets with eccentric furniture. Here you can find the most incredible Washbasin and Sinks with to get a extravagant style at home. We make luxury Sink & Washbasin with a minimalistic and elegant design enriched by precious surfaces and razor-sharp geometrical forms by high-quality marble and onyx stone such as Carrara and Calacutta.


Roman architecture continued the legacy left by the earlier architects of the Greek world, and the Roman respect for this tradition and their particular reverence for the established architectural orders, especially the Corinthian, is evident in many of their large public buildings. We combines precision and reliable technology with a passion for craftsmanship to make unique ROMAN ARCHITECTURE.


Bathrooms are without any question one of the top home divisions. The idea of a relaxing bathroom at home often evokes images of a spa-inspired setting where it is white and light blues that hold sway. At our factory, we use state of the art CNC machinery to fabricate Luxury Bathtubs, and keeping fabrication facility at the forefront of technology is always one of our highest priorities.


Have you lost a loved one and need custom made grave Memorials, Headstones and Accessories for the grave of a departed soul? All of our Memorial/Headstones are made from the high quality stones. Our Material is sourced by experts in the stone industry & our quality control procedures are outstanding and made to comply with the local Rules & Regulations of your Cemetery.


Onyx is also treated as a gemstone and it has been used as a jewelry item by individuals.. This stone can be used for floors, walls, counter tops, water features, light fixtures and sculptures. It can be used in slabs, tiles or mosaics. Installations range from contemporary to traditional, back lit and non-lit. Onyx has been very effective in highlighting lobby’s, bars and bathrooms and works well for reception desks and sinks.


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